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Why does my washing machine STINK?

How can something that is meant to clean your clothes smell so dirty?

This issue is curiously more common on FRONT loading washing machines compared to TOP loader washing machines.


Front loading washing machines have no outlet for condensation to dry once a load is complete. All of the moisture stays in the washing drum and inside the rubber liner on the door generating buildup and mildew to eventually start forming. This is what is causing your front-loading washing machine to have that odor that you are experiencing.

In contrast, top loader machines don't experience this issue as often due to the lid placement above the drum. When the lid is open, all of the moisture naturally dries versus it being trapped in the drum.


No need to worry! This does not mean that your washing machine is doomed to bad odors. It only means that it needs proper maintenance in order to avoid mildew to start forming. Be sure to check inside the rubber liner every once in a while to assure that mildew is not forming. A simple home remedy can change this issue for you!

Two holy grail items that you most likely already own:

1- White cleaning vinegar

2- Baking soda

Pour half a cup of each in the washer and run a small cycle to help with the odor. Clean the liner with a cloth and bleach even if you don't see any visible mildew to prevent the issue from starting in the first place. This simple maintenance step can prevent your washing machine from starting to grow mold as well as extend its livelihood.

Here are some helpful links to more extensive cleaning tips for your washing machine:

- Sahuarita Appliance Repair, LLC

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