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Home Sweet Home Warranty

What good is a home warranty if they don't service your area???

This is a common issue that customers deal with when having to go through a home warranty program. Some cannot even get their appliances looked at because of the lack of technicians willing to travel to their location. Being in the southern Arizona area, specifically anything south of Tucson, AZ, this is a common topic amongst customers.

Homeowners around this area are spending money on a warranty that either does not service their area or will charge an arm and a leg because the technician is traveling from a long-distance away. We want to change this issue and make sure that customers are getting use of the services they are actually paying for.

If you or someone you know has a home warranty company that does not have technicians in these areas:

Sahuarita, AZ

Green Valley, AZ

Amado, AZ

Tubac, AZ

Rio Rico, AZ

Nogales, AZ

Have them call us! We are here to help.

-Sahuarita Appliance Repair, LLC

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